Thursday, May 25, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006


I love the series "Lost". It is mysterious, thrilling and fantastic. On the other hand, I somehow feel that I prefer a life in that dangerous island to this bustling island.
Those survivors are always living together, they help each other day by day, they share their food and shelters, rescue others from hazard. How about us? Everyday, we walk on the same pavement, we sit on the same bus, we work in the same company, we even stay in the same flat, but we are all rivals who are involved in a lot of competitions. No one will let his competitors be better than him and he will do anything just to let them down.
In that "Lost" island, they fight together to survive, but, ironically, we fight each other to survive here. Why do we behave like that? We are all human being, aren't we? If u find out the answer, plz reply me.

Jess Vo

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006


At the mountain, on the top
The sunlight is fading away
From nowhere,
The cold wind starts chilling my bone
I shiver but my heart feels warm
As you whisper in my ear that
"Together, forever"

Just like that you appear
Every night when I close my eyes
Far away,
Are you smiling in the same dream
Or waiting for me to come back?
And will never leave you again
Never, forever.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today is my first day at the new workplace. It's a longer journey than before however there is a different feeling of being in the central city in the morning: the air seem fresher, more and more people and many skycrappers. It's great!
Reaching office at 8.55 and there was still no one there yet, were I too early? Then realized that most of the staffs are out station and on leave but the rest came in office around 9++ (even all the bosses), the environment is great, nice view and pretty cold [I need a warmer jacket].
Everything is okay except my mac is a G3 with a PC monitor! It's much slower than my Imac at home but so far so good. Hope I can move up to a better carreer path...
Missing the feeling of cosy and warmth in S [maybe I'm new here] and so worry that can they manage with many projects by only few "key" designers? Wishing they could get a new designer soon after their ads on the newspaper! This time, they need an english and chinese speaking designer! [cannot "ta han" with my english???]

Just find out this cool website, hope you guys can see and have fun..and don't forget to add my link as I will post regularly from now on. [having much more spare time!!!]

will update my workplace image soon!